Sunstar-Butler's Crayola toothbrush was such a success, they came to Optimal Design wanting to develop Crayola-licensed toothpaste tubes that would encourage kids to brush their teeth, just like the brush has done.

involved from the initial stages through tooling, I was responsible for organizing interviews and workshops with young children and their parents, along with concept generation based on user insight.  During the refinement stages, proportions were very important; The size of the mini-tubes had to be just right for kids to hold and squeeze easily, and we had to make sure that just the right amount of toothpaste could be squeezed out with little effort and chance of clogging.  Also, the living hinge was engineered so that the lid would pop open 180 degrees and stay open until closed.  Form and aesthetics were important, but details like these were integral in executing a kid friendly - minimal mess solution.