My fascination with human behavior and my passion for learning through making is at my core, but my goals are  broader than designing for physical outcomes that address human needs alone.

Here's why:

After spending the last decade working alongside talented educators, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and business minds, I've taken time to reflect on what truly drives my work.  I'm most inspired by my peers who have the ability to bring purpose to a project through continuously expanding their outlook and seeing the bigger picture.  I've also come to appreciate simple yet powerful concepts such as communication and alignment on values, which have enabled design teams I've been a part of to dynamically integrate into corporations and change culture.

 Outside of my professional experience, a combination of my love for travel, attention to global issues, meeting interesting people and asking questions has given me strong desire to seek out more sophisticated and collaborative approaches to innovation and explore new professional opportunities. 


I've spent the past year at IIT's Institute of Design developing the ability to strategically zoom-out and better understand the bigger picture, while maintaining my core abilities to make a strong case for us humans. 

Here's why:

In the midst of my career, forces such as globalization and technological advances have transformed what it means to be a designer.  At the same time, many unplanned-for and sometimes devastating consequences of industrialization have come to light.  Like many other disciplines, the modern world has presented designers with new responsibilities and uncovered those that we may have been blind to before.  

I'v become obsessed with understanding how various disciplines have begun to develop new tools and frameworks to better understand systemic issues.  My mission is to bring design into these conversations by introduce new forms of communication that can allow for better understanding and more responsible practices.


We can’t control systems or figure them out. But we can dance with them!
— Donella Meadows